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monday after

silkyfish and dj_gassmann's wedding rocked. I played ... Sarah was a little little late (about 45 min?) so instead of one or two pieces I found myself playing half a concert. Still playing a bit too quietly as of course it wasn't my show but an intro to her appearance. I didn't get booed, which is good I suppose. Sarah and her bride-maids all looked stunning. Half the Slimelight seemed to be there, including Mak, Pete, Corneille (sp?) and a lot more people. Everything was a resounding success. Did manage to get hopelessly lost three times in the area. I mean, to explore the surrounding country roads in minute detail... I think I may have drunk a little :P so yesterday was somewhat heavy ...

Took nearly 400 pictures, but have now sent them to Sarah and Uwe, want them to see them before I post them up.

Ah, also I want to salute the Meteoric Campers. If only it hadn't been on the same week-end I'd so have been there, drenched in rain and mud, sleeping in a wet tent..
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