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The Fox and other stories

It has already been said: this is in all probability useless but there's no harm in trying, I suppose:

. Petition to save the Intrepid Fox.

On a different note, according to an item of news spotted by Ricardo, the NY Times are censoring UK readers from accessing some of their coverage of the airplane bomb plot story. Not sure how much one should read into that, whether they are just covering their backs 'on legal counsel', as they put it, or whether they have been advised to do this from further up. Interesting that this still can go on, but also that it can be so ineffective -you can get at the story very easily.

On yet another note, apparently a security flaw in Myspace allowed private data to be accessed publicly. With MySp** -and also with LJ, anything that is essentially a public forum, I think is a good idea not to put there anything very personal or sensitive -or that could be used as evidence against you by your next partner, boss or job interviewer or by someone at the other end of the world to get hold of your money -or somebody else's, on your name... although judging from things people post there obviously are different opinions on this matter! See also this and your invisibility cloak could get stolen!

Yep, I'm still at home. Another lesson cancelled, so I don't have to be out before midday. Mixed blessing but ok.
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