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If you thought The Fox and the Astoria would be the end of it.....

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This is a re-post from redlaurie

Date: Sep 6, 2006 11:13 AM
Subject camden market
Body: Right, it seems there are plans to re-develop Camden Market into a horrific glass fronted "shopping mall"

There are details of the plans here:

It looks like it could put the small stalls out of business, and only have chain stores, thus taking the "market" out of Camden.

You can help by signing this petition:

And emailing the Camden councillors:

1. Open outlook express (or whatever email application you use)
2. Put the following email addresses in; patricia.callaghan@camden.gov.uk, libby.campbell@camden.gov.uk, chris.naylor@camden.gov.uk
3. Tell them you are against the demolition and further redevelopment of Camden Stables market (application 2006/3182/P) and request a recorded vote when the application is heard.

Copy & paste this into a new bulletin to pass it on!
Thanks you guys!

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