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things I'm doing on a Friday...

Go to local surgery to have them look at my knee (which is becoming very painful and it is a real bind to climb stairs, for instance). Got a very nice female doctor this time, not the Groucho Marx character I had last time. May have to get tests done, go to physio at the Royal Free... sort out those ... Done. Well, arthritis, actually, which is a bit of a bother but she said it is not the kind that would spread and render me uncapable of playing the guitar. I didn't ask whether I'd be able to play the violin again, mind you.

Do a number of errands and paying of bills, as well as getting the ton of tablets and stuff from the pharmacy that the nice doctor prescribed . Done.

Three lessons in Watford later. One has just been cancelled. Hm.

B-Movie later tonight.

At various points during the day, read the science bit of BBC News and marvel at the vast expanse of the Universe and the things in it. Then read the news and get depressed at the vast capacity we have for greed, mischief, misunderstanding, violence and just plain stupidity. Maybe finish a music doodle I've been toying with for a few days. Read some more of Borges' 'Historia Universal de la Infamia'. Boil some pasta...
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