Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

It can't be Monday again, can it?

Good week-end, apart from the shadow cast by a death in the family.. Excellent B-Movie, incorporating necromanci's birthday celebration. Saturday was a bit quieter, spent playing with Logic and music toys after the few lessons I had. Then in the evening, after sorting out other things headed for the Intrepid Fox but never made it in: It was extraordinarily packed, one-in-one-out, so ended up going to the Slimelight with redlaurie, mark13 and jimthegoth. Had a very good catch up with Mark and Laurie, until Jim and they left and after a while I got a bit bored around 3:30 and went home.

Yesterday met with mark13 and aliasrob in Ryan's, a pub in Stoke Newington, joined by krius, necromanci, Ruth (who's got an LJ but whose LJname I don't know) and jimthegoth. At some point we removed ourselves to Jim's flat (beautiful place, converted church, very modern inside, lovely ogive-style windows). Lively conversation ensued... mostly between Alias and Emma.... finally left at 2:00 am. A very good evening overall.
Tags: diary, week end

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