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tales of week-ends pasts..

Friday, after finishing a very late lesson, just went to the Dev, had a chat with various people, most notably samara666. Then just went home. Saturday was going to be a busy day, except it wasn't that busy, with only a few lessons actually taking place. In the evening went to Quinn's for the double celebration of scorpionuk's Clin's and zenithed's birthdays.. then I went to Antilight where I took some pictures, mostly of That Dress and its contents. Yesterday went to Peachykeen for the farewell drinks for kaerasta, who is just about to set out in a trip around the world (hte envy...). There'll be the pictures I took of this somewhere along, later.

Today I have a few lessons. Was planning on having a very relaxed sedate day.. when rricardo_uk phoned to say he was in Stansted back from Berlin, minus his wallet which he lost somewhere along the way so he had no means of making it back home, could I go pick it up. So I did, except the drive turned into a traffic nightmare and what should have been less than an hour's journey became welll over three and a half hours of hell. Lessons now, maybe Dev later later.
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