Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


Just back from a very late excursion to Upper Street, to Kinky Mambo to see .. well, the last three songs of the Bohemianauts -in lydiamorgan's words, "Their repertoire of Chansons Franglais, Cabaret Noir and Gypsy Lounge Trash sits somewhere between Gogol Bordello, The Tiger Lillies, and Tom Waits, and yet is something altogether different.." I hope I can catch them again, this time properly. They're quite something else.

Was a good catch up also, with lydiamorgan, badusernametag and jaketherat, about life, the Spanish Civil War, the inevitability of politicians' corruption, Chávez revolution (and the pronunciation of his name) and, fleetingly, the purpose and meaning of life and it all, or lack thereof. And then, drive them home (with Lydia in the back seat, stating that she was not feeling well, which brings the fear of god in me, for reasons that many here will know -recent history of my car, birthdays and Camden Road...) and come back here to meditate a little more on the randomness of it all.

Tomorrow, more lessons. No plans for the evening, thus far. I should practise guitar, anyway, so probably a good thing.
Tags: events, friends

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