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ripples from long ago and far away

Had an email from a friend, 'tune to Channel 8 TV'. This meant a Venezuelan TV channel on the net. There was an old music school mate of mine from back there when; she was speaking to the nation as the head of the Electoral Council, something about a referendum going on (the opposition are trying to have the current president out of power). And it is so difficult to take in all that, what is happening there and the roles that people i know and love play in it.. It was all very.. non -real for me, so far away in time, space and context, like watching the film of an alternative life that could have been my own. Or worse. We used to think of ourselves as not part of the mainstream, as living in a parallel world... once you went past the doors of the Escuela Superior de Musica the hassle, hustle, the aggression, even the pollution of the city in the middle of which the school was located all disappeared and you were in a sort of lay monastery, a place of meditation where, yes, we planned mad parties, crazy trips and all sorts of malarky but at the same time we were part of that world of peace and calm and a different set of values and life goals. But of course we grow up and we grow older... and then at the turn of twenty, twenty five years i'm four thousand miles away, living a very similar life to the one I was living then, but some of my friends are now pillars of society, at opposite ends of the political spectrum even, and it is all very strange to contemplate from here....

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