Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

dreams that dream me..

I see a lot of folk had quite extraordinary dreams last night. I had another version of my travelling dreams, in which I have to go to some city far south and east -something like somewhere in Brasil, I should think, since I often start in Caracas. It is a bit tedious to tell so I'll probably stick it in my dreams blog at some point.

Doctor's appointment today, at UCH. My knee is not quite as destroyed as it sometimes feels, if that makes sense. They're still sending me to physio and seeing me again in a couple of months. Tip: when going to a doctor's appointment, skin-tight jeans and New Rock boots (without zip) are not a fantastic idea.

Practising a bit more guitar -as I should, as I have to play on Thursday.

Lovely day, out there. Makes me feel like crawling back to bed, somehow...

have a good day, folks.
Tags: diary, dreams, stuff

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