Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

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strange week

Well, this has been a strange week.

After Shiraz's horrific accident at the Slime, the things that happened to me on thtat night (which was a very very good night for me apart of aforementioned but some things that happened left me a bit confused), came a week with rather a lot of things happening and another instance of near-collapse of my financial situation -ok, it happens all the time but it is not getting better. I'm getting bored of this situation. I s'pose nobody actually needs guitar lessons or guitar music so maybe i should re-train as a plumber, or something (except i'd be the very worst plumber in the world!)

Anyway, probably going to the Dev later, maybe maybe going to B-movie (although i'm so skint this week-end that i really shouldn't go out but anyway...), Who's going to B-movie? or Sanctum (is that on tonight?) or, even, the Ballroom?

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