Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

A quiet moment in North London

Walk to the Rustique Literary Cafe' in Tufnell Park for a bite and find they've taken my little ad for guitar lessons down. the muzak is playing a sort of Cubanified version of an old Argentinian tango 1] that my mum used to sing and play on the guitar, forty five years ago... strange. Ok, it's a sunny day and i have a sandwich and tea and a minute to spare looking at the books, the rather tacky paintings and the atmosphere and breath it all in. I like this place 2] .

1] A song by Carlos Gardel -who was a weird interesting phenomenon, the subject of a sort of Beatlemania/Elvis cult in the Spanish speaking world. He died in an air crash in Medellin in nineteen-thirty something -people killed themselves over this, and ever after there were legends in South America about his surviving the crash and living in various parts of South America, in hiding, having been disfigured in the accident... I don't think he ever was spotted working in McDonald's, though...

2] Even if they did take my little guitar lessons notice down :/
Tags: diary, stuff

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