Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Another week ends..

.. a week that packed quite a bit of stress -and other things.

Flatmate K finally moved out. I'm keeping her room as a teaching room-study-studio for now. Not sure at all that I can afford to do that but I want to try. Moving on my own somewhere with the space I need is just not a viable proposition. I'm a bit battlescarred and battle weary of the whole house sharing thing but that's just how it is.

New flatmate moved in on Thursday. She is friendly and sweet; we'll see how it goes.. She went with me last night to the Slimelight and was bowled over "I like this place!". it was the first time I went to the Slime this year and I had a very good time. Highlights included running into silkyfish and dj_gassmann and having a good catch up and share a good laugh with ms_jinxme and y__not.

Today, a couple of lessons, briefly meeting rricardouk and, in the evening, a short call at the Dev, where I ran into and had a good catch up with reddragdiva, arkady and fenbane. When I looked for cyberpunkgrrl she'd already left...

Tomorrow, physio at UCLH and then lots of lessons..
Tags: diary, stuff

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