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the xmas thing

flying on Monday to Italy to spend Xmas with cousins there... a quiet christmas eating and drinking too much, going to Rome for a day or two, and eating and drinking too much (that Italian grappa...), will be back in a week's time, in time for NYE at B-Movie and the Slime where no doubt i'll be seeing some of you (but i'm still around and will be at the Slimes tonight..)....

Christmas, like birthhdays, has always had a sort of ambivalent glad/sad effect on me, I like the holidays and the partying (of course), I care not at all about the religious significance... it also brings memories of stormy christmas eve at home when I was a kid, with crockery smashing against walls and death threats profusely and liberally offered from one family member to another.

It is a marker of the passing of time, which could be good as it should make us reflect on what has takplace, how we have evolved, etc in the intervening year and take stock and, hopefully, learn from what has happened to us and what we've done. It is also an excuse to party, which can't be a bad thing!. But by the same token it is also a reminder of our being transient, ephemeral.

o god, i'm getting kind of gloomy here, anybody might think i'm a goth or something terrible like that!

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