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so, maybe it won't snow in April this year....

Curious that this weather makes me homesick. This, not the horror heat in August: it doesn't (or didn't) get like that in CCS, my home town. I should try and go to Venezuela this year, have stuff to sort out there. But it is so expensive...

Week-end was reasonably good, started on Friday with Mr operon and Miss gothique1 for dinner. They seem to have survived the experience, must try again:P. Then the new B-Movie, which I liked but it was a bit too packed (nothing changes, then). With the top floor as the dance floor it should be nearly perfect.

On Saturday, after lessons went to antitrollpatrol's birthday drinks at the Ruby Blue (I think it's called) bar in Leicester Square. Nothing wrong with the place apart from the hideous music. Was good to run into untermensch, silkyfish and dj_gassmann, amongst others. Then to the Big Red for bathory66's birthday drinks, featuring a lot of people, too many to list.

Sunday involved a few lessons and a pleasant trip to the Dev, with again too many people there to list.

I'm quite free in the daytime during the next couple of days (but not in the evenings... ), so if anyone wants to meet for lunch or something do giz a ring...

I still have that horrible cough. Should go to the doctor's, I suppose. It cannot possibly be any sort of cold after three or four weeks. Photos: didn't take a single one over the entire week-end, you'll be relieved to know. Didn't practise the guitar at all, either. Bad...

One more thing: Happy Birthday to _abby_!
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