Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

the next few days....

Friday should see me attending mark13's birthday drinks at the Big Red. There is also the Betty Ford Clinic, a most excellent night but one which I will have to give a miss this time for various reasons. On Saturday, after lessons should be heading for the wastelands outskirts of Guilford for silkyfish's and dj_gassmann's bash. On Sunday I should be quite busy teaching, having had to move some of my Monday evening lessons due to my joining the celebration at the Rochester in honour of that foreign saint who claims to have slayed a dragon. Yep, they plan to do to St George what they did to Baby Jesus. I suppose I should start learning the words to 'Jerusalem..'. *

And, in a kind of slightly related note, mark13, I was listening to the 'listen again' version of Radio 4's 'pm' and heard that man you were talking about, David Conway, expounding his theory about us bloody foreigners bringing syphilis and HIV and in-breeding to this green and pleasant land. Astounding. And difficult to believe that anyone could seriously pur forward such arguments and, worse, persuade people of their truth -and yet it happens. Depressing.

And that is also the day in which Bill Shakespeare passed..
Tags: current affairs, diary, life, stuff

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