Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

A soggy day in London town....

A stroll down Portobello Road on a non-market day, a grey, drizzly Monday. Stop at S&M -for sausages and mash, that is (which were good), walk about and look at the shop windows full of colourful things and the people, go in Garcia's and stock up on Spanish groceries, have a chat with customers and staff, who tell me they now have opened a coffee shop next door -so I have to stop thjere for a coffee and a Spanish cake and more conversation and taking part in the banter. Learn a bit about the girl at the counter and about a couple of elderly customers -the old lady turns out to be an Argentinian ex-concert pianist, get wrapped in conversation about Chávez and the socialist revolution in Venezuela (they think it's good, their relations in Vz who have made a few million don't quite agree..). Finally finish my coffee and go my way into the wet grey London day..
Tags: life, london, stuff

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