Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Strange dream....

Strange dream last night, involving some of the people that'd been to the St George dinner. I suppose there is a connection.

We were, a large group of us, in a ceremony in an installation which resembled Sixties secondary school I attended back in Venezuela, except much larger; the same granite floors, wide windows and glass, painted steel tubing railings. andyknifton went on a stage, looking quite sombre, to make a speech. Then we find that he is something very important, a dictator or a figure of that sort. His speech is a resignation one, There appeared in the crowd men in uniform and heavy helmets, like commandos although they only had hand guns. One of them looked at me and I froze: it was like staring into the cold eyes of a shark. Another one said something with a dismissive gesture. I was not important. I mumbled something about my friends but he signalled -I could go no further, had to go to the back of the hall. Andy had finished his speech and had been taken away by some of the men in uniform. I asked where Jill was. Someone said 'she's been taken away as well but I shouldn't worry, they'll just release her at the end of the road'. What about Andy, I said. 'He's in a bit more trouble, we won't see him for a while', was the answer I got, in a flat tone. 'But..' I started to reply but it was obvious that it was not a good idea to discuss the matter further. I then noticed that a couple of other people, like Chris, Ally and Lyssa, weren't in the room any more. The stage was now empty, with only a couple of the uniformed men on it. This looked rather serious...

Then I woke up, shivering and still shaken, in the grip of something very much like fear....
Tags: dreams, stuff

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