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well, i hardly use this thing as a diary, more as a tool to keep in touch with peeps (my rants and longings tend to go rather in my iblog, but thought i'd summarise what's been happening in flavioland in the last few days..

NYE was very good on the whole, went to B-Movie and had a very good time there, caught up with people, danced a bit, then atter when with Steffi to the Slime, availing ourselves of the free tube ride provided by Ken (yeah, well...) but getting thoroughly soaked and frozen while getting there from Water Rats. Slime was very good again and, it seemed to me, not as uncomfortably packed as last year, although it was indeed slimy and the staff were pouring bucketfuls of sand on the floor to try and make it less slippery. Yuk. Stayed a lot in the upstairs-upstairs goth floor (although that's not perhaps my favest music, but there was space to dance which was in much shorter supply downstairs), danced most of djpsyche's set, caught up with people, went home, slept....

did I do this bit? think not, so:

Happy New Year to all!

New Year Day was spent mostly in zombie mode.... in the evening went with Ricardo and his daughter Jenine to the Dev... but it was closed, so we went to the Elephant's Head instead and lasted there all of fifteen minutes... there's something about the place that i really, really don't like although I haven't thought about what it may be.

Next day was... what? i can't even remember much of it... apart from Jenine's birthday which we celebrated in the evening with a little champagne toast and a cake, with (or course) Ricardo, Michela and mnikus

guitar lesson, sorting out somebody's Macintosh network in the afternoon for fun and profit and then going with Heidi to see Return of the King, which I liked enormously apart from the soggy soppy end which is inevitable but feels much so much soppier in the film than in the book. We left the cinema at 11:20, so Heidi must have left me at my car's at about 11:30 which means you can make Watford to the Angel Islington in 29 minutes! as i arrived only just in time to make the free-admission-before-midnight! And it was surprisingly full and busy and I had a very reasoanble time, drinking much less as i was driving (my usual excuse, i suppose) but dancing a lot (must be a horrible sight but hey, who cares) and runnng into some ace people like that_total_age, whose birthday it was (happy birthday, Andy!), kuchisake_onnaand a few more

today is a quiet day so far apart from the broadband connection breaking every so often which is a pain. Will be at the Dev later... hey, nounou, where's my fonecharger?:)

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