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First of all, congratulations to arkady and reddragdiva on the birth of their daughter Freda.

Second, jillyfishie's party was a blast, complete with superheroes and bishops (or was it a cardinal? A very shifty looking bishop at any rate, but aren't they all:P). I took a few pictures which will follow at some point later.

I'm getting very tired very easily, there may be something slightly wrong with me. It can't be just the advancing years. To my shame, there was this old gentleman (yep, even older than me -in fact a whole lot older than me, impossible thought that may sound) crashing the party last night dancing like a demon on speed, while I was gingerly doing small steps to avoid my bad knee from hurting even more (who was that guy?).

I left with the idea of going to the Betty Ford Clinic. Never made it there, I soon realised I was way too tired and needed sleep. This is not right. Maybe I'll have to go to the doctor in case there is indeed something wrong with me. Or perhaps get a consultation with the Green Witch (that was a very good costume, alabastamasta!).
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