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Lovely weather. Glad don't have to be out, although I do have a visit lesson later this evening. No doubt this yuk weather has been concocted by the black magic wizardry of the Catholic Inquisition representative to the Anglican Church ... :P

So, practising a little bit of guitar (or, rather, mucking about with guitars; cannot muster the energy to properly practise, even though I have to play in a couple of days), trying to fix whatever is wrong with my M-Audio Ozone audio interface, reading 'Taking the Red Pill', a collection of essays around the 'science, philosophy and religion in 'The Matrix' (it says here), which I found in Oxfam for 99p, A mixture of silly space opera futurology, da-vinci-code like study of the religious symbols in the film, some idiotic free marketeering ranting about the pinko liberal threat to our cherised values, but also some very interesting (to me) reflections on our perception of reality (but let's leave Baudrillard alone, or maybe someone with a lot of patience can explain his stuff to me over a pint or five) and on the future we seem to be building for ourselves.

Outside, the rain is still falling against the window..
Tags: holiday weather

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