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various things of friday...

iI'm going to the gym of the UCLH as part of physio for my (arthritic) knee. It is a sxi week 'lower limb' class, which will end next week. I'm considering joining a gym so as to give myself the impetus to continue -left to my own devices at home it is just not going to happen. I know of two or three gyms in the Camden Town-Kentish Town-Tufnell Park area but I have no idea about cost, etc. Also, this may sound funny but I find those places quite aggressive and I don't feel comfortable at all in that environment So if any of you clever people have any advice pro or against any local establishments of this kind I would like to know.

Also, a reminder that tomorrow there's the picnic in Hyde Park for the birthday of the moft excellent Ladies ms_jinxme and y__not, more details to be announced soon. Looks like weather willl be good and, for once, I don't have to spend the afternoon indoors teaching people to play the guitar .

Tonight, birthday drinks for blackberryqueen at the Big Red...

Finally, I'm still tossing a coin on whether I'll be gong to Dead and Buried or Inferno tonight. I went to both last time (or was it the month before that? I think I went to neither last month), might do that again. I'm still not enamoured of 'The Rocket', where D&B takes place, though...
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