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Things wot happened this week-end so far.

blackberryqueen's birthday drinks at the Big Red... panned out very very well. I took a few pictures, which will follow.

Somehow ended up in Inferno, which turned out to be a very good night.

Yesterday, after lessons, there was the picnic for ms_jinxme and y__not's birthday, in Hyde Park, which was very good, very enjoyable gathering of a lovely bunch of people, apart from one small incident which had nothing to do with the picnic and which I will relate later. Pictures of the picnic will follow at some point.

Ended up at the Dev, where I ran into reddragdiva, with whom I had a very good catch-up.

I was makng my way back from the toilets, when four Asian men start shouting at me something about my camera, then asking me what I was taking pictures of, then shouting 'you're taking pictures of children, you paedophile, you faggot' and much more abuse in that vein. There were four of them, quite aggressive, and only one of me... I did reply but only some inanity like 'try getting a life..'. I was shaken and completely perturbed by this. Things like this, and like emmelinemay had to endure the other night, dimnish your faith in human nature....:/ .

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