Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Monday monday

First of all, Happy Birthday, blackberryqueen!!

It was a good week-end, apart from the small horrible incident in the park mentioned yesterday, but which did not manage to mar a beautiful picnic, a gppd gathering of lovely people.

Yesterday, a few lessons and some time spent at the Dev in the evening, where there were two groups of friends sitting in different places so I had to divide myself in two. It was very good to see redlaurie and mark13, sorry if the stress over the flat thing (this sentence looks very ood -never mind) spilled over. It seems like there will be a temporary respite from that tension, but, you were right in what the choices I'm facing are -and maybe it is time to move. It was very good also to see necromanci -but, did you see me?:P At the other table, ravenstoker. deinelakaien. catwalk_ghost. (we finally meet, sir), Greenie, Owen & Christine, then Jana and her boyfriend and a few others.

Today has brought a milliion errands, going to Camden Council to sort out parking permit and other things, a pupil not turning up on the day he was due to pay and not being available on the phone, more lessons later and the aforementioned news from the agency that I don't have to move tomorrow -but I might want to...
Tags: birthdays, friends, life, picnics, week-end

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