Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Slow Start

well, starting re-entry into the real world after the Xmas break. Have to take a pile of bits of paper and what paperwork I could figure out of those to the accountant for him to produce my tax returns from that (boy, am I hopeless at those things and how I hate them too), teach for just one hour at primary school in Watford then private pupils (then Batastrophy). Tomorrow will begin the real grind, getting up at 6 am which should be forbidden by law... and teaching till 9:30pm.

So, for a while, no more getting up at nine-thirty after dreams of white cities on cliffs, rocky beaches where the surf angrily crashes against the piers and rocks, or walking along that motorway ramp in the sunset watching the mountains far away and half the deserted city going up in flames and smoke while a column of people slowly move away towards the hills with bundles on their backs. Er, wake up now, have to finish the taxman thing. Oh well.

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