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Quite a good night at the Slime last night... danced to most of Uwe's set, I think; finally heard (part of) the track that Uwe, silkyfish and cyber_child have put together with their new project, 'Nyquist Theorem'.

It was very good to see mis_appropriate, featheredwingsSarah, Uwe and others after the long xmas break. Bummer that featheredwings had had her phone and purse stolen .... at the Dev, too.

By half past four I'd had enough, gave Stefi (that's Italian Steffi) the lift home and came home to dream of Barad-Dûr Tower in the middle of the valley of Caracas, with people glancing at the Evil Eye and asking, whether it was an advertising billboard or something.

It's sunny out there so prob going for a walk.... I bet it is much less inviting than it looks from here once you're out there in the cold and the wind

I should be rehearsing with Barrington later if he's in a fit state to come over and play guitar... and then probably the Dev.

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