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... why am I still up and doing stuff when I have to be up at 6:00 am and (if i'm lucky and don't have any cancellations) teach until 9:00pm...?

have to book two pupils for grade exams.. online deadline is tomorrow and the ABRSM site is down or something, grr... so i'll have to waste time trying to phone them in the morning in the middle of a very busy day and probably having slept four hours. Not good.

Baz and I have been trying to put together some stuff on two guitars that we can get some paid gigs for. But which may also be fun for both to play. He's a hot-club, django reinhardt style guitar player and I'm a clasical guitar player, so the style is very different -and when I try to do his stuff what comes out is atrocious. I am most seriously not a jazz player at all, it's not in me; I came to classical guitar via Hendrix not via Joe Pass.. even the music of my own country I discovered only after I was studying music after having been playing in horrible little local rock bands for years.

We had been mucking around with Spanish and jazzy stuff, amongst other music things, but then I hit on the idea of playing some Venezuelan tunes on two guitars, I can provide a more or less authentic (whatever that may mean) accompaniment and bass line while he does his jazzy stuff on top, and viceversa Now, this seems to work, the results are more interesting than some other stuff we had been trying. And it might be easier to sell to whoever may pay for slightly exotic jazzy music for two guitars which is perhaps a somewhat cynical way of looking at it but flav needs the pennies -badly, and needs to play as well.

After teaching today I called in at the Dev on my way back home. Of course, on a Monday night it only needed a camel and a couple of sand dunes to complete the effect. In total there were five people including Bof the barman and Steve W the DJ...

we so often conspire against ourselves in minute but effective ways...

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