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on birthdays, and stuff

Firstly, Happy Birthday to dinkygoth and bettiebebe !! you chose a very good day for your birthday:P

On a similar order of things, thanks to those who made it last night to Bin Tang/Quinn's, it was a lovely evening, thanks again to all. Pity I didn't make B-Movie in the end, but given that I had to do quite a bit of teaching today that was perhaps a sensible option.

Today is a busy working day, which is a bit difficult with a rather sore head.... will see whether I can make at least some of seamus666's Posh Frock BBQ picnic in Stoke Newington, although there is zero chance that I may comply with the dress code:P esp. since I would be coming straight from teaching. There's many other things happening this evening but at this point I'm not at all sure , we'll see whether my head clears up a little as the day progresses.i
Tags: birthdays, life

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