Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Happy Birthday, mock2!!

... have a good one!

Week-end was generally good, apart from .. not the having to work, but the fact of some pupils having arranged lessons then cancelling at the last minute. And the weather. And that car that was holding up the traffic on the A1,, in the middle of the carriageway with plums of smoke and a geyser of brown water issuing from under the bonnet (no, it wasn't my car. But driving an old Peugeot which I don't look after properly, I do wonder..)...

Plus points: Betty Ford Clinic. It was a bit ... sparsely attended but was a very good night. I still think the bar is way too expensive, though. And getting out of there in the middle of the night is difficult. I normally resolve both things by the simple expedient of driving there, which means I cannot drink and have a reasonable chance of making it back home when I decide to, without waiting for night buses for half the night. It is a good night, though, and will be coming back.

Drinks for strangepixel's birthday at kajia's on Saturday night. This was excellent and pictures will follow. Maria is definitely Queen of the Margaritas. Pity I missed the dinner at Mildred's.

Sunday evening at the Dev, in celebration of ravenstoker's birthday -there were quite a few other interesting things happening that night but had to go say happy birthday. Also met with Samantha (who has an LJ but whose ljusername I didn't quite get...) which was very good.

Looking outside today makes me think,, for some reason, of Dryden and the detuning of the sky (I'm sure somebody in ljland had mentioned it...)...
Tags: birthdays, diary, life, week-end

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