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Bit late for a week end review, but anyway. It was quite good, busy and full of good things. It was also much quieter work-wise than I anticipated, which is not very good.

Friday was Inferno. Ran into dj_gassmann and silkyfish in Quinn's; Uwe had been persuaded to DJ at the Electric Ballroom for the first time in about four years. It was a very good night, danced a lot, talked a lot with people old and new.

Saturday was the birthday celebration for propaganda_tv at the Dev. After closing time I just came back home after a good evening in good company.

Sunday went to Club Noir in the Electric Ballroom, it would seem I spent most of the week-end in that place. Who thought of putting up a club with bands on a Sunday night?. Anyways, went to see the Screaming Banshee Aircrew (lots of energy, very enjoyable in spite of sound problems) and the Cruxshadows. The latter are a strange phenomenon for me. They have many elements that should make me dislike them intensely and yet I enjoy their gigs. Their set finished very very late so I didn't go to Raven as I had originally planned. Next time....

There's pictures of all these things and events somewhere....
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