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Happy Birthday, glamgothruthy and jacoby_swift!!

... hope the hang over is light and swift.....

glamgothruthy's and Sophie's party was a blast. As was B-Movie the previous night, My photos of Ruthy's party will follow at some point today or, more probably, tomorrow.

Have been digitising some old vinyl records which I would like to listen to again some time but I know I'll never buy on CD or digital format (and much of it will never turn up in Limewire or torrents sites). That is much more fraught with hassle than one would have thought. And of course there is always the possibility that at some point Martha Argerich starts playing the same five notes again and again, while you do something else and takes you a while to realise, not having had the experience for so long, that the record is stuck.

Apart from staying in at home and playing with guitars, computers and old music in different guises, is there anything interesting happening today?
Tags: birthdays, diary, life

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