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another Happy Birthday... !

... miss_kat!! have a beautiful day!

Ok, a very enjoyable lovely day at least. It doesn't look very beautiful out there, I have to say. Had to go to Bond St. for an unexpectedly rewarding errand but have no intention of going out again. Oh, wait, I have a visit lesson later. Great. Never mind. Tonight, jam/rehearsal with noondaydemon for a bit -a couple of rough samples of what we're doing here and here. Not sure I can make D&B as I'm a bit skint and huge bills are coming my way.. we'll see. If weather and grim financial prospects improve over the week-end I might have a peek at the outdoor French Food Festival at the Angel mentioned by mark13' and buy some smelly cheese...(is this a good idea when I will probably be showing the flat to candidates for the vacant room..?)
Tags: birthdays, dairy, diary, life

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