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week-end in words and pictures

First order of the day: Happy Birthday to _yungfuktoi_., scarletkitti, midnight_echo, kuchisake_onna and, slightly belatedly, ladymedb. And, slightly early, to hotel_noir, since I probably won't have internet access tomorrow. Phew. That's a long list. I hope I got that right.

The week-end was good. Friday was of course the wedding reception of chaospigeon and god_tim. I took some pictures although I missed all the crucial bits, like the speeches, which were about to start as I arrived and asked where the bar was. It was over there. So over there I went.. I did take some pictures, which are in my .mac photo gallery. Saturday was dj_gassmann's birthday, at the Bierodrome and then the Slime, where he was DJ'ing.. There's a few photos of the birthday drinks here.

Yesterday was a busy day with quite a few lessons. In the evening, after rehearsal with noondaydemon, just popped in at the Dev for a pint in the company of violetdisregard, andialan, mupstasia and djpsyche.

And today is a Monday. I've spent the whole morning making phone calls to try and sort out various things gone wrong, like the Nokia E61 that died on me and was returned unrepaired by T-Mob as, according to them, it was 'liquid damaged' (untrue). And in the same letter they tell me to go and buy another phone, grr. So I argued with them over the phone until they decided to bring the renewal and upgrade forward and send me a N95, which looks to me like a good outcome... I also have to deal with the bank and the car insurance renewal and various other baffling adult things today, yuk.. and the pupil whose money got nicked from my flat's hallway paid her month again, which I didn't want to accept at first, but...

[ Edit ] for those who had problems seeing the photo albums in the .mac gallery, i've also put Rhi and Tim's wedding reception photos in my facebook photo thingie.
Tags: birthdays, diary, photos

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