Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Good Sunny Morning!

It's actually sunny outside!

Spent all day yesterday waiting for T-Bovine/ UPS to deliver the replacement for my dead E61 ( having made me wait three weeks to repair the thing only to tell me it was 'liquid damaged' (it wasn't) and not covered by warranty and in the same letter suggesting I went to a t-mob retailer and bought a phone. I spent almost a whole morning on the phone to them... at the end of which (when I said the magic words 'termnation of contract' and 'iphone on O2) they offered to bring forward the upgrade and give me a N95......) and it never came.. should be nice (an N95) although no iPhone. The latter should be a much better beast by this time next year when I'm in the market for one, anyway.

Ok, lesson done, meeting pitufina for lunch in a while, then more lessons, then ... can't remember.

Saturday, Black Plastic, celebrating Mr. hotel_noir's birthday. Talking about which, Happy Birthday, bootpunk and logothetes!!

P. S., pitufina, got your mail.

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