Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

daddy, daddy...

A funny day, full of small things going slightly wrong and me running around the town centre on a guitar shopping expeditioin with a pupil. I got home just in time for the next lesson, pupil knocks on the door while flatmate is moving large piece of furniture upstairs. A very stressful day,overall. One highlight was the child in a pram that points at me, turns to his mother and says "Daddy, daddy!". Oh noes. The mother looked horrified, but surely not remotely as horrified as I must have done.

I did get to play, for all of 30 seconds, with an iPhone and can well understand why people are spellbound with it -but there is no way I would pay that sort of money for a phone, esp. with the lousy contract that O2 are attaching to it. I'll review my position by this time next year when there's version 2 and maybe another carrier.
Tags: life, stuff

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