Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Another Sunday

A cold, wet, grey Sunday comes to its end. There were a few guitar lessons but also a couple of cancellations -or rather one cancellation and one no-show. There also was me going to Cake, Coffee and Kink on the wrong day but I'm glad I did. Then one away lesson. And then the Dev, which was pretty much the same as before on this Sunday, the first of the new regime, only quieter, with Steve playing videos as always and Max playing some goth. There were people arriving as I left, mind you, so perhaps it didn't stay quiet. I can see how the new regime might appeal more to some. I still feel something has been lost. We;ll see.

Then fiddle about with computers until now, doing various bits of back-up, upgrade and maintenance, strange bits of life in the early 21st Century. And now, alas, to bed. Good night.
Tags: diary, life, stuff

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