Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


My working day, or at least the morning, vanished.. I only had two lessons scheduled. One, I had forgotten the pupil had phoned to cancel a couple of days ago. My fault. The other one, pupil called at the last minute to tell me he had a cold therefore couldn't come. Must have been that Man Cold that mark13 had been talking about..... At noon met with pitufina for lunch at the Ethiopian place in Tufnell Park. Except we forgot to check that either of the two (there are two Ethiopian restaurants in Tufnell Park) was open at midday. Neither was. We ended up in the Lebanese café, which was actually very good. Choice of three of any of a selection of vegetables, salads, falafel and other things, for three quid. Unbeatable -and if was much nicer food than other recent restaurant experiences many times the price. Then we went to Camden Market to have coffee at Milano-Londra (just a stall in the market, but their coffee is the best I've found in this area). and say hello to Michela.

Now, more lessons, just possibly...
Tags: diary, life

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