Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

What did I say earlier about yesterday?

Today is turning out even better. Received a Court Summons for council tax. I thought 'Eh? I've been paying this every month, what?'. Turns out that I had been paying a few days late every month and must have missed the Final Reminder of Doom.. So I went over to Camden Town Hall to sort that out. Waited for 45 min to be called. I was the last one waiting when... a fire alarm broke out. Vacate the building, spend twenty minutes or so outside, come back in, have to queue again, wait another twenty minutes to plead for mercy before the priests of the Great God Bureaucracy (to no avail, for the most part)... on the way back, catch the 46 from Kings' Cross, there's two chavvy teen-age girls playing chavvy music from their mobile phones out loud (not headphones).

Just back. I think I'll lie down for a bit...
Tags: stressful bloody stuff

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