Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Snowed under Facebook...

Well... I seldom install facebook 'applications'. Ok, make that almost never. So, people cannot really say I encourage them to send me them, I don't think. This hasn't prevented me from finding in my request tray
6 event invitations
12 group invitations
2 twisted christmas requests
5 trick or treat requests
1 tv trivia invitation
1 tv show trivia invitation
5 funwall friend requests
5 new wall post requests
1 funwall friend request
3 hug requests
3 how goth are you? invitations
1 good karma request
1 growing gifts invitation
5 poker- help a friend invitations
1 texas hold'em invitation
1 pillow fight request
1 say i miss you request
1 christmas music tree invitation
3 petrolhead invitations
1 hatching eggs invitation
12 vampires invitations
19 vampire invitations
3 kiss requests
1 snowman invitation
2 zodiac animal invitations
2 top friends invitations
12 top friends friend requests
1 true or false? invitation
4 cause invitations
6 cause invitations
2 define me requests
1 instant chat invitation
1 vampires vs. werewol invitation
10 vampire invitations
1 compare request
4 compare requests
4 werewolves invitations
6 werewolf invitations
7 zombies invitations
25 zombie invitations
1 onetrack invitation
1 facebook addiction request
1 idescribe invitation
1 livejournal connect request
15 likeness quiz invitations
4 human pets invitations
1 greenbook invitation
1 universe wars invitation
3 slayers invitations
1 facedouble invitation
1 friend game invitation
6 superpoke! friend requests
1 superpoke request
1 iq test invitation
1 freebee invitation
2 get superlatives invitations
1 oktoberfest invitation
1 i am green invitation
1 mood invitation
1 send sms invitation
3 booze mail requests
3 you're hot requests
1 filthbook request
1 super wall post request
2 happy hour requests
2 my graveyard requests
1 fight club invitation
1 burning hot invitation
4 secret friend invitations
8 invite to jedi vs si invitations
1 scrabulous request
1 likeness unrated request
1 application invitation
1 kitten-a-day invitation
3 pirate invitations
2 naughty requests
1 poke pro friend request
2 pet invitations
1 bookshelf invitation
7 pirate invitations
1 lyrics book invitation
1 cities i've visited invitation
3 movie compatibility requests
1 emote request
1 emote friend request
1 invite to pacman invitation
2 my solar system invitations
1 south park invitation
1 invite to star wars invitation
1 irepresent invitation
1 fortune friend request
1 what's your stripper request
1 collage invitation
1 music invitation
1 vibrating hamster request
1 honesty request
1 myspace link invitation
1 magic 8ball friend request
1 harry potter's magic invitation
1 astrology invitation
1 my aquarium invitation

Ok, so perhaps I should have dealt with these things when they arrived. And, presumably, done nothing else for days...

'Vibrating hamster...?'

I s'pose it's still better than MySpace. Although Irina never wrote to me again. I suppose she was heartbroken that I did not want be her person other significant...
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