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A different evening

Well, sort of.

My friend Nena called from Camden Town station, "come pick me up it's windy and freezing cold". So I took the car (yes, I know it is only an eight or nine minute walk) and picked her up. On the way back, as I was up Kentish Town Road at the lights with Hawley Rd, had to suddenly stop to let a police car with siren and blue lights speed past. Unfortunately the van behind me didn't stop. The next two hours or so were spent standing in the freezing cold having statements taken by the police, waiting from somebody else from the police internal investigation thingy taking the same statement again, and then a third time. And being breathalysed, which was fun.. the car didn't suffer much apart from the loss of a tail light but standing there in the cold for ages was not much fun. Apart from that being irrationally convinced that the breathalyser is going to come up red (no, I hadn't drunk even water. I did say 'irrational').

So we went to Bin Tang (thanks _abby_ and gothique1 for poining the place to me) where we had a fantastic meal -but it is not a terribly good idea to stuff yourself with food when you've had two hours of stress and freezing cold. I still feel like Mr Creosote... then we went to the Dev which was good....

now tomorrow all those phone calls to insurance company, etc..... grr...

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