Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Happy Mondays..

Week-end was not too bad, I s'pose. Friday saw laurel_mcjobo's engagement party, of which some pictures I took (with the camera playing up, boo) here. (Facebook album, also in LJ's scrapbook, here). From then, as elsewhere reported, to Inferno via Quinn's with pitufina and noondaydemon, with added ahura_mazda for part of the journey.

Saturday was a funny-peculiar day, with all but one of my booked lessons collapsing. In the evening I went to the Dev. And regretted it, to some extent. There was loud metal, people playing air guitars but almost no-one I knew. Went back home but flatmate was having a party. I didn't join in as everybody seemed to be sixteen and I didn't feel very comfortable so withdrew to my quarters.

Sunday brought a walk around Camden backstreets (I still like Camden a lot), breakfast in Inverness St, lessons. I took some pictures along the way with the rather awful camera in my phone (an N95, this thing's supposed to have nearly as high resolution as my 'proper' camera. And why does it need nearly twenty seconds between shots?) Anyway, pictures here. Also there, some backdated pictures: a couple from a Sluts' meet, and some very dark ones taken with the phone at Raven.

Happy Sunny Monday, everyone!

And, least we forget, Happy Birthday, suebeedoo!!
Tags: birthdays, diary, life, photos

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