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Pants on fire...

I hadn't said anything about the Camden fire yet. Maybe for the same reasons that I didn't take any photos of it.

The conspiracy theories are beginning to surface. I tend to believe, however, in cock-ups far more than I believe in conspiracies, which doesn't mean I don't think the landowners and the developers are not rubbing their hands with glee at this fortunate coincidence. I know quite a few people there that have lost their jobs, quite a few people more that will be affected by it. And I suspect the end result of that will be expensive flats and a nice new shopping centre with proper shops like Top Shop or Tesco's, not all that hippie alternative tat. So, be witty about it if you will, tell the kids that worked in those shops and stalls to get proper jobs (which they probably would anyway, in due time, but surely that's missing the point) but allow me to keep a thought for the inevitable passing of the old Camden (which does have many warts, for sure, like those 19th Century labour practices), giving way to a future that I hope I'm not obliged to like.
Tags: life, the inexorable march of progress

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