Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


Had a very pleasant afternoon in very good company: met with pitufina for lunch at the Angel, went over to 'Tortilla', which was ok, although not exactly spectacular -I'm hoping for a longer review on this place from her. They define the place as California-Mex, which made pitufina, who has lived in California, laugh quite a bit. The food wasn't really bad, just not fantastic, but the service was a bit less than friendly or helpful and the place felt a bit chaotic. After this we had coffee at... oops, can't remember the name of the place, further up Upper Street -that, on the other hand, was rather very nice coffee. And so we walked up Upper Street, stopped at a cloth shop (what do you call those?) for her to buy some fabric she needed and then at the Hope to see whether redlaurie was around. She was, we were told; I asked whether she'd be busy and they said yes. And stared at us ini a rather stark manner, so after some conferring we decided there was little point in staying. We walked all the way up Upper Street and Holloway looking at interesting shop windows -of which I probably wouldn't want to buy anything but which it is nice to see there. Then we parted and I had to go to lessons, etc. A quiet nice afternoon.
Tags: diary, life, stuff

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