Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

fingers crossed...

well, just that. Fingers crossed.

ION, quiet week-end thus far, although I should be fairly busy today with lessons and other stuff. If I get some time free in the afternoon (although it does not seem likely) I would be going to Earls' Court -more in this post by Rachel.

Opium Den on Friday was very good. I don't think I was going to go to Antichrist anyway, and Opium Den was a refreshing alternative. The bands were entertaining -the first band I saw, I think called the Owlls (hope I'm not confusing the names of the bands here), were very good indeed, something of a Sixties throwback but done very very well, the singer has something of Tom Waits to him but, again, done very well and in his own way. Will want to hear more of them. .lydiamorgan was fabulous as always, if perhaps her show was a bit short (but that may not be a bad thing -leave them wanting more..). Her DJ set was also excellent. And the Irrepressible mr_flay was indeed irrepressible, very good escape routine made very funny. I was kicking myself that I didn't take my camera. Nay, my camcorder, even. Tried to take pictures with my phone -but the results were rubbish and I'm not going to bother putting them up. Pity. I liked the venue -once I was inside, but I walked twice past the entrance without seeing it. They need more door signage....

I might be at the Dev in the evening, if there are no more interesting alternatives.
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