Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

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well, gig cancelled

bum//.. so instead of playing tonight i'm just about to go to Sam's who's invited me over

or, to paraphrase androktone, i am in a ROOM. To the WEST there is a WINDOW. There's much MESS on the FLOOR. To the EAST there is a DOOR.... through which you find yourself going

seeyas latas..

(on slightly related note, any links here to my iblog may have become void as i had to redo the whole thing (at least that doesn't happen with LiveJournal...))

  • frak

    Re-watching Battlestar Galactica. Adama has just found out that Tigh is a Cylon. There goes that wooden ship model again.

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    Hm, yes, well... what have I done in the last few days? Mmm... done a few guitar lessons, had an adult pupil do a grade 4 that he thought he was…

  • if god really has a plan for me..

    .. can I then have Gaius Baltar's house? It's for rent... just not in my neighbourhood. Although I'd prefer Daniel Graystone's house..

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