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Went to Dead and Buried, I like the new place much better (I never did like the Rocket much, sorry). Will be going back. There's one little problem: it clashes with Slaughterhaus and also with Vagabonds which I would like to visit at some point. Such is life.

There seems to have been here a, what to call it, lively afterparty downstairs, with much shouting and sound of things crashing -I thought there was some violent argument or something at some point and was wondering what to do. So, I didn't sleep much. My pupils with lessons today are getting an extra-grumpy flavio, which is not fair on them, hope it is not showing..

Slaughterhaus was much better this time (for me) and I had fun. Sorry redlaurie and Jo for the camera flash. And I liked aliasrob's film a lot.

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