Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

sunday sunday.. it's just a day...

Quite busy today -if all goes well and there are no cancellations. Five lessons, four of them visits, which is rather a lot, it means rather more than five hours' work. It is not a bad thing, actually, to be busy, but I do wish I could get my Sundays back. Maybe one day.

Yesterday was not bad at all. Apart from two lessons fallen through. In the afternoon joined the masses going to Trojka in Primrose Hill for mark13's birthday meal. This was good and I recommend the place. In the evening went to the Rochester for the birthday drinks for mark13, _abby_ and sevensomething. This, again, was very good, but it did mean I did not go to either Invocation or the Slime, in spite of silkyfish's exhortations. I could have perhaps gone to either but was a bit skint and not feeling too good, having had a low-level toothache for a couple of days (yes, i'll be dealing with it and going to the dentist, yes).

Happy Sunday to all..
Tags: the inexorable passage of time

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