Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Happy Monday...

... that is more like a Sunday!

Picnic in Clissold Park later, which should be good. If I get some time I would like to go to ms_jinxme's house boat boat-house-warming also. Due to an amazing combination of circumstances in the last few weeks I am the most skint I've been in recent times but none of these activities require immediate outlay of funds, which is good.

Have to be back for a lesson here in the evening, though.

It's all movement and travelling here. kaerasta has just left on holiday, jamesknight has just arrived back from Oztralia, I'll be off to Venezuela in two weeks' time.

Had forgotten about the two short videos I took in Whitby, one of Screaming Banshee and another of a little bit of the footie. I'm putting them in the computer now, uploading them later if I have time.

It is a sunny day, and it's urbancannibal's birthday! Happy Birthday, dude!
Tags: birthdays, diary, life, picinics, stuff

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