Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


Well, the most broke week-end of recent times for me was actually a lot of fun in the end. Unlike the day that followed it. Picnic in Clissold Park was excellent, lots and lots of peeps, all of whom I can either call my friends or could get to be, all of which good. Took many pics which will eventually be up at the usual channels, prob. the day after tomorrow.

My little teaching guitar, which I brought along sort of in inertia momentum from having spoken with noondaydemon about doing a sort of open air rehearsal with some audience there -but didn't happen.. well, the poor thing was completely out of tune when I checked it this morning. I must have played with the thing like that yesterday. I don't think anybody was listening to the stuff Alex and I were doing, much, but, it would seem, neither was I...

This day has not covered me in glory. My car died on my way to Watford, several times, and it just limped along to my mechanic there and had to cancel my teaching day at WBGS -double fail. Then at a pupil's I tripped up and spilled coffee on my MacBook's keyboard and now it refuses to work or show any sign of life... $expensivo...

The picnic was good and lots of fun, though, and ms_jinxme's boathousewarming, late as I was and all, was very good as well...
Tags: life, stressful bloody stuff

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