Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

palm trees, the weddng and the guitar

was interesting, playing at a wedding ceremony yesterday at the Barbican's Conservatory, amidst that foliage; must go back to the Conservatory, it is a beautiful space and apparently you can visit it ok. It was a spectacular wedding, with the family of the bride-groom in colourful indian saris and many on the bride's family in Scottish kilts. Apart from my playing during the ceremony there was music later by a sitar and tabla duo.

Drank way too much champagne, the registrar asked me whether i'd be interested in playing at her own wedding, drank even more champagne, came home at about midnight; going up the escalator at Camden Town station saw dj_alexander as he was going down the other escalator on his way to the Slime... where it was my intention to go after, but was way too tired.. arrived home, changed to go to the Slimelight, sat on the bed to rest for five minutes and went out like a light for two and a half hours.... woke up in my boots at 3:00 am....

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