Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

closer to thee...

Only one more (half) day here, then it's back home to Blighty. Still the flat situation is not entirely resolved, but it does look a little better than I feared when I decided to come over. Seen many friends, partied a bit (mostly in quiet ways, in people's houses -there is no force in the universe that would force me into one of those clubs that play reggeton), burnt myself to cinders in a remote beach (which was rather well attended, bearing in mind that you can only get there by boat). Next time I must investigate about sun-blockers while still out there.

One thing that is both good and bad is that I may have to come back later in the year, probably October (as I would have to buy an off-season plane ticket).

iIt's 6:46 AM here. Five and a half hours' difference. I expect I may have some sleep pattern problems for a few days, when I'm back...
Tags: diary, life, stuff

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